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Forensic Photography
In this section, you will see several examples of forensic photographs that were taken with cameras ranging from 3.3 to 36 megapixels, including compact, bridge, and reflex cameras. You should not assume that editing photos is necessary for producing good photographs because none of these photographs have been altered in any way, with the exception of the fact that the case numbers have been obscured.

A few examples of archaeological photographs that were taken with forensic material.

Francisco Pizarro González, marqués de los Atabillos, born in Trujillo in Spain
on March 16, 1475, and assassinated in Lima on June 26, 1541.
He conquered the Inca Empire and was governor of Peru.
Academic Research Project Bioarcheological and Historiographic Francisco Pizarro.
Director: Edwin Raúl Greenwich Centeno, archeologist.

Chilean soldiers died at the Battle of San Juan on January 13, 1881,
during the Pacific War between the Army of Chile and Peru.
Guillermo Cock (serviPatcu), archeologist, and Mg. Mellisa Lund.

Infrared photograph of a tattoo on a mummy at the museum of Pachacamac.

Archaeological Rescue Project

Archaeological Project – Cajamarca
Dr. Enrique Angulo y Carmen Rosa Cardoza. MSc
Director: Manuel Calderón Lazo, archeologist.

Alain Wittmann, MSc
Forensic Photographer
International Consultant
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