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With 181 pages and a price tag of six dollars, this manual is aimed at anyone who works in the field of forensic anthropology or archeology photography. It is a very approachable reference book. Spanish is the only language that is available for the manual. You will be able to take photographs without having to worry about whether or not they will need to be post-processed if you have this instructional manual at your disposal.
You will be able to visualize the most important aspects of photography with the assistance of this manual, which will grant you the opportunity to have a good practice and will assist you in making rapid progress.
The technical foundations will be provided to you. which will include exposure settings, white balance, equipment, composition, constructing your kit, and setting up a mini studio.
On this website, you will find a selection of publications and information pertaining to forensic photography from a number of different countries.
You are more than welcome to send me a copy of any recent articles you have published or any information you would like to share with regard to forensic photography.
I will make sure to include it on my website.

Forensic Digital Photography:
A Review
Forensic Photography:
Shaping and redefining evidence collection and the Criminal Justice System
Overview of the Forensic Photography
Photography for
Clinical Forensic Medicine
Photography In Clinical
Forensic Medicine:
PICS Working Group
Guidelines on photography
Strengthening Medico-Legal
World Health Organization
Response to sexual violence
Usage of Digital Photographs
in Forensic Work
in Sri Lanka
Forensic Autopsy

United Nations
Office on Drug and Crime
UN Manual on the Effective Prevention and Investigation

UN Peacemaker
United Nations Department
of Political Affairs
Basic Guidelines for Human Remain Case

Alain Wittmann
Best Practice Manual for Digital Image Authentication

Alain Wittmann, MSc
Forensic Photographer
International Consultant
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